an introduction

Hi folks!

To start this blog off, I wanted to write a few posts about why I’m making this blog and my art business in general.

First, I’ll talk about why I make art.

I don’t remember much about my relationship to art in elementary school. I’m sure if you ask my mom, she’ll say “Oh even your scribbles were amazing!” I love you mom, but I doubt that.

I do remember that I could see shapes and value really well. It actually annoyed a friend of mine once! I was over at her house, staring at her ceiling, seeing patterns in the shadows of the stucco. But when I said that there was a dog on the ceiling, I didn’t really explain that I saw the shape of a dog. Needless to say she was a bit miffed that there wasn’t actually a dog.

In middle school I remember being into just about anything art-related. I wanted to try photography, I wanted to try sculpture; I would work with charcoal one week and then switch to making comics.

I had an amazing art teacher in middle school that let me play around with all of these materials and styles and it was such a blessing.

Despite my early exposure to and appreciation for art, I stopped drawing in late high school until the end of my freshman year. I was going through a lot personally, and I didn’t allow myself the personal time to create. (Which probably made things worse!)

I started drawing again, sporadically. I would doodle pictures that took up an entire whiteboard in my dorm room’s common areas. I would play around with photo editing silly things to make my friends laugh. I even created easy-to-draw characters for bad days when I wanted to get something out but didn’t have the energy to try.

That brings us to the here and now. I have a job post-college, and I'm in a healthier headspace. And I want to make art again! I missed getting to look at something in terms of just shapes and lines and value. I missed getting so into a project that I can sit down and work for hours. I missed creating!

But why am I turning my art into a business instead of just a hobby?

I guess you’ll have to read the next post to find out!

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